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When buying Antique Chest they come in all types of wood it is said that the more expensive antique Chests are made from mahogany. Oak Chest of Drawers can be very ancient and last a lot longer than softer woods.
The London antique furniture market is booming at present.
With people worried about how to invest their money, a lot are putting it into antique furniture. Just think about it for a moment, if you buy a lovely antique chest you can have it in your home and enjoy its beauty and it will be worth more than you paid for it in three years time.
Antique Edwardian furniture is a good starting point you can pick up a really nice antique Edwardian Chest of Drawers for a very small amount of money. In two or three years it will increase in value unlike a piece of modern furniture. Edwardian Furniture 1901-1910 Edwardian

Antique Chests London

Antique Chests London